ISI Yogyakarta Received A Visit of Seoul Institute of the Arts Delegation

Monday, 5th February 2018, ISI Yogyakarta received a visit from a delegation from Seoul Institute of the Arts, Korea. The Seoul Institute of the Arts delegation consisted of Prof. Ji-young Kim (Acting Field), Prof. Jung Pyo Lee (Music Field), Prof. Young Jun Kim (Design / Sculpture Field) and Prof. Gewon Kim (Digital Arts Field). The delegation visited ISI Yogyakarta to gain cooperation between the two art colleges.

This delegation was received at the VIP Room of the ISI Yogyakarta Rectorate Building by Prof. Dr. M. Agus Burhan M. Hum Rector of ISI Yogyakarta), Primadona Hapsari, S.Pd., M. Hum. (Chair of the International Affairs Unit), Bambang Supinardi, S.IP (Head of Education and Cooperation) and representatives of Fine Arts Department, Faculty of Visual Arts, ISI Yogyakarta. In this meeting the two institutional representatives introduced the profiles of each university. From the introduction of the profiles of the two universities, it can be listed the various possible collaborations. At the end of the meeting, it can be concluded that the two institutions will collaborate in the arts and sign the MoU between the two institutions. After the meeting, the delegation of the Seoul Institute of the Arts visited the Faculty of Visual Arts of ISI Yogyakarta.


Exchange Souvenirs

Group photo of the delegation of Seoul Institute of the Arts  and the head of ISI Yogyakarta