Educational Programs

ISI Yogyakarta has three faculties, which offers eight-semester study programs leading to Undergraduate Bachelor Degree in Arts. Additionally, the Graduate programs of Master Degrees in Research and Artworks Creativity have been established since the year of 2000, while Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Doctor of Creative Arts programs have been established since the year of 2006. The faculties are as follow:

Faculty of Visual Art

Faculty of Visual Arts has three main departments, namely:
Department of Fine Arts, which offers courses in producing the qualified graduate of fine arts majoring in painting and drawing, sculpture, and printmaking.
Department of Crafts, which offers courses in acquiring the scientific bases to solve craft problems, the craft media, creative and innovative technique for the development of knowledge, technology and craft creation majoring in wooden, metal, batik and tenun textile, ceramic, and leather crafts.
Department of Design, which offers a wide range of design programs to develop and produce the graduates who have outstanding skills in designs; to produce the creative, innovative, and entrepreneurship human resources with global quality.
It also has three study programs under the departments of design, namely study programs of interior design, visual communication design, and product design; one study program of Batik and Fashion (D3 Vocational) which is under the department of crafts; and one independent study program, namely Arts Management Study Program.
Study Program of Interior Design, which provides courses for students to accomplish the excellent understanding and skills in interior design by increase the students’ abilities in producing the works of interior design and do qualified research in the field of interior design.
Study Program of Visual Communication Design, which provides courses for students who are able to find new idea and think paradigmatically in their creative process in producing their Visual Communication Design works. They are able to make the strategic plan in Visual Communication Design through various media to promote and communicate to plan a thorough campaign.
Study Program of Product Design, which provides courses for students who are able to think scientifically, critically, creatively, and innovatively, who do not only become problem solvers but also creators of needs, creating new products which then become the necessities of the society.
Study Program of Batik and Fashion (D3 Vocational), which offers courses focusing on learning batik and fashion, acquiring the skills, and building the entrepreneurship.
Study Program of Arts Management (D4 Vocational) is a vocational program implemented in 8 semesters and housed within the Faculty of Fine Arts, since 2014. This study program is the first in Indonesia for applied (D4) graduate. It concentrates in arts management of fine arts, performing arts, recording media arts, culture, and tourism.

Faculty of Performing Arts

Department of Dance, which offers courses in dance performance and choreography, both modern and traditional.
Department of Karawitan Music, which offers courses in Javanese, Sundanese, and Balinese music performance and composition.
Department of Ethnomusicology, which offers courses in Indonesian ethnic music, from Sabang to Merauke in terms of practices, concepts, and cultures.
Department of Theatre, which offers courses in Dramaturgy, Directing, Artistic Management, Script Writing, and Acting Concentration
Department of Puppetry, which offers courses in Wayang Performance, Puppetry Education, Tradition Puppetry
Department of Musical Arts, which offers courses an Academic Education of Musical Arts, as the sub branch of performing arts of undergraduate level, which is equal to the degree of Bachelor of Arts.
Department of Music Composition, which offers courses in mastering a knowledge base and practical skills in new music composition.
Department of Music Education, which offers courses in enhancing knowledge, experience, and musical skills relating to music education analysis and competence.
Department of Music Performance (Vocational), which offers courses in mastering a knowledge base and practical skills in playing music instruments, in analyzing and interpreting classical, pop, and jazz music.
Department of Sendratasik Education (Drama, Dance and Music) is opened to meet the needs of arts educators (in drama, dance and music) who are skillful, creative and righteous.

Faculty of Recording Media Arts

Department of Photography, which offers courses in learning photographic art and in creating photography artworks.
Department of Television, which offers courses in learning the process and creating the audiovisual forms, having the abilities in theoretical study, creating, and television management.
Study Program of Animation (D3/Vocational), which offers courses in learning the principal and techniques in animation field, formed using the basic of animation discipline.

Graduate Program

The City Campus of ISI Yogyakarta at Suryodiningratan is the home for the S2 (Master Program) and S3 (Doctor of Philosophy Program). The Graduate Programs, both S2 and S3, consist of two concentrations:
Penciptaan Seni (Creative Arts Program).
• Pengkajian Seni (Research Arts Program).