Doctoral Program

The Doctoral Program of ISI Yogyakarta is confirmed by the permit issued by the Directorate General of High Education of the National Education Department No. 1881/D/T/2006 on April 12, 2006. The study program bearing the name of Doctoral Program of Arts Creation and Review has two study interests, namely Arts Creation Program and Arts Review Program.

The education system of the Doctoral Program of ISI Yogyakarta is structurally designed to enhance the concepts of creation and review to enable the interpretation into work of arts and applied research which are necessary in dealing with the complex challenge of competition in the future.

Through this guided program, the doctoral students (promovendus) is expected to have a comprehensive knowledge about crafting and methodology of arts, so that they are able to enhance the new concepts of arts creation and review by using interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach based on national and international culture.

In 2020, the Doctoral Program of Arts Creation and Studies of ISI Yogyakarta become the center of arts creation and studies which is creative, innovative, responsive, and able to solve the present problems.

• Arts Creation Program: to give a greater emphasis on lateral, integrative, synthetic, and inclusive thinking aspects to create work of arts with new ideas and forms which are up-to-date, and multi-dimensional.
• Arts Studies Program: to give a greater emphasis on analytical, linear, and reductive thinking aspects, with abstraction to review and solve the present problems of arts with a new or multidisciplinary approach.

To yield graduates who:
• Have the critical attitude and strong character in appreciating and exploiting the richness of Indonesian culture value diversity and in facing the present cultural challenge.
• Have an open mind, broad knowledge, and multidisciplinary opinion in creating or reviewing arts.
• Capable to produce any monumental work of arts or scientific work creatively and innovatively.
• Capable to self-actualize through work of arts or scientific work as a social-culture contribution to the society.
• Capable to show their capacity as a doctor of arts through qualified work of arts or literary work to the society.

The Graduate Program of ISI Yogyakarta is located on Jl. Suryodiningratan No. 8, Yogyakarta, and therefore it is commonly referred to as Surya campus. This campus is located on a ± 10,000 m2 land. Geographically, it is very strategic since it lies in downtown area, however it is not too noisy and relatively quiet, shady, and comfortable for the teaching-learning activities to take place.
The beautiful and quiet Surya campus is expected to be able to develop students’ creativity and to produce major and qualified work of arts.

Each faculty has most of the studios for practicing, whether it is the studio of performing arts, fine arts, and multi media arts. However, for practical reasons and to create a conducive academic atmosphere, some small studios are located on Surya campus, i.e. painting, sculpturing, woodcraft, ceramic craft, dancing, and music studios. Due to the increasing number of students, recently ISI Yogyakarta added some small studios, such as the visual communication design, textile craft, and photography studios.

Most of the book collection is at ISI Yogyakarta Central Library, however the books which are useful for the students are directly provided at the Graduate Program Library. Since 2005 the Graduate Program of ISI Yogyakarta has published a scientific journal named Surya Seni. This journal is issued every semester which presents summaries of the graduate students’ theses and other scientific work on arts creation and review.

Since 2009, to support the admission of new students and academic administration, a computerized program and website have been introduced along with a free Wi-Fi facility. This year, most of the classes are air-conditioned.

Admission Requirements
• Holding a Graduate degree from an art university or other equal universities, with a minimum GPA of 3.00.
• Having an ability to communicate in English with a minimum TOEFL score of 450.
• Having the ability in academic field and/or work of arts, and is able to take a doctoral program which is the continuation of the graduate program. However, graduate students from other study programs who have the ability or reputation in creating or reviewing arts are welcome to apply.

Administrative Requirements
• Filling in the Doctoral Program Application Form which is available in the Student Office of ISI Yogyakarta, or by downloading it from, enclosed with two copies of each attachment; except for item 3.i.
• Receipts from the admission fee of 400.000,00 IDR which is paid via Rektor ISI Yogyakarta, Acc. No.: 0030440945 BNI 46 Branch Office at Jl. Parangtritis No. 120, Yogyakarta.
• Copies of legalized Graduate Degree (S2) certificate. Applicants from abroad must enclose the Letter of Equalization Certificate from the National Education Department of Indonesia.
• Copies of legalized Graduate Degree academic transcripts.
• Copies of certificates and academic transcripts of other formal education which has been taken (if available).
• Copies of legalized TOEFL (500) certificate (valid for two years).
• Five copies of portfolio or CD/VCD of at least two published work of arts in performances or exhibitions within the last three years, along with a Statement of Work Originality with reference by Expert (required for applicants of Arts Creation Program).
• Five copies of at least two published scientific work (books/journals/seminar papers) within the last three years, along with a Statement of Work Originality with reference by Expert (required for applicants of Arts Review Program).
• Proofs of scientific activities or arts activities (seminars, workshops, group performances/exhibitions), such as copies of catalog, certificate, charter, etc.
• Five copies of pre-proposal of Arts Creation/Arts Studies for the Doctoral program, minimum of twenty pages (see the Pre-proposal Composition Manual).
• Permission letter from the company; required if applicants work for government or private companies.
• Two letters of recommendation from former advisor, lecturer, or artist/cultural observer about the academic or creativity abilities of the applicants.

Foreign applicants must fulfill the following requirements:
• Submit a special permission letter from the Directorate General of Higher Education of the National Education Department of Indonesia.
• Submit a letter of graduate degree leveling in Indonesia from the National Education Department of Indonesia.
• Fluent in Indonesian.
• Fulfill other general admission requirements.

Admission Procedure
• Submit a written application by filling in the Doctoral Program of ISI Yogyakarta Application Form, sent to the Director of the Graduate Program (in a sealed envelope) to: Graduate Program of ISI Yogyakarta, Jl. Suryodiningratan No. 8, Yogyakarta, 55143.
• Application letter must mention the desired study program, along with the topic of arts research/creation.
• Application letter is made in two copies.

Schedule and Interview
• For applicants with institution/personal funding: February – July.
• Interview for institution/personal funding applicants: August.

Selection is based on:
• Applicants’ background, covering: (1) applicants’ former formal education and achievements (2) published scientific work or work of arts; and (3) other activities related to the desired study program.
• The quality of arts research/creation pre-proposal.
• Interview result.
• Quota.
• Selection result is announced in August via letter from the Director of Graduate Program, enclosed with registration requirements as new students/candidates. The announcements can be seen on website:

• All approved applicants must register as new students of the Doctoral program in the Student Office of Graduate Program ISI Yogyakarta, within the time limit as stated on the letter of approval.
• All approved applicants must pay the tuition fee as required.
• Every doctoral program student must register himself every semester.

The Doctoral program of ISI Yogyakarta has one study program called the Doctoral Program of Arts Creation and Studies, with two study interests: (1) ARTS CREATION and (2) ARTS STUDIES. Along with the study projection and the composition of arts creation proposal or dissertation, every applicant must determine a study interest along with the chosen field of arts/major interest, namely:
• ARTS CREATION with interest in Performing Arts/Fine Arts/Multi Media Arts.
• ARTS STUDIES with interest in Performing Arts/Fine Arts/Multi Media Arts

• Totally, the study load consists of 40-44 credits, with 24 credits for Work of Arts & Academic Scripts, or Dissertations, and 20 credits of structured subjects.
• The doctoral program students must take and pass all obligatory subjects in the first and second semester as many as 16-20 credits, with minimum GPA of 3.00 as a requirement to take a Qualification Test.
• A doctoral program student can only take a study load with maximum of 12 credits per semester.
• The learning activities are scheduled for 6 semesters, with maximum 10 semesters for arts applicants and 11 semesters for non-arts applicants.