Faculty of Recording Media Arts


The Faculty of Recording Media Arts is the youngest faculty at Indonesia Institute of Arts Yogyakarta which was established as a part of state-owned college in Yogyakarta. The authority has been given to implement Undergraduate degree education in Photography and Television, and a diploma degree in animation. Faculty of Recording Media Arts, Indonesia Institute of Arts Yogyakarta is established based on the Ministery of Education and Culture decision note number 0373/0/1993 on October 21st 1993. By this decision note of Ministery of Education and Culture, the Faculty of Recording Media Arts Yogyakarta began to implement its learning-teaching activity on academic year of 1994/1995.
Prof. Dr. RM Soedarsono, at the time as the second former rector of Indonesia Institute of Arts Yogyakarta, together with Drs. Sun Ardi, SU, Drs. Risman Marah and Ali Shahab were trying to formulate the form and characteristic of Recording Media Arts education which has two departments, Television Department holding B accreditation (score 353) and Photography Department holding B accreditation (score 359).

Geographically, the Faculty of Recording Media Arts, ISI Yogyakarta is in the middle of an environment loaded with art values and local culture. It is consistent with the commitment of ISI Yogyakarta to implement the concept of Tri Dharma to the surrounding community. One of them is the launch of campus TV which broadcasts a variety of educational programs such as the learning outcomes from the students in the form of cinematography, photography, as well as public service advertisements for audiences around the campus itself.

Moreover, in its implementation process for the development of its management and teaching, Faculty of Recording Media Arts is supported by some lecturers and employers who were recruited from the Faculty of Visual Arts and Faculty of Performing Arts, Indonesia Institute of Arts Yogyakarta. The faculty is also supported by some experts in film/television, photography, and animation who are appointed as the consultants and guest lecturers. Those film experts who support the faculty are Ali Shahab, Alex Kumara (former director of RCTI Jakarta), Drs. M. Suparwoto, M.Sn. (TVRI Yogyakarta), Retno Intani ZA., M.Sc. (TVRI Yogyakarta), Fred Wibowo (PUSKAT Yogyakarta), Subakat (MMTC), Drs. H. Darwanto, S.S. (MMTC), Jay Subiyakto, Garin Nugroho, and Lola Amaria. They are all guest lecturers for Television Department. The guest lecturers in Photography Department are S. Setiawan, E. FIAP, Johnny Hendarta, Herry Gunawan, Darwis Triadi, Ferry Ardianto, Oscar Matulloh, Johntefon, Don Hasman, and Samuel Sunanto.

It has been over 18 years now, Faculty of Recording Media Arts, Indonesia Institute of Arts Yogyakarta has been through four periods of leadership. The first and the second periods were led by Drs. H. Surisman Marah, M.Sn as the Dean. The third period was led by Prof. Drs. Soeprapto Soedjono, M.F.A., Ph.D, who became Indonesia Institute of Arts Yogyakarta rector in the following years. The current fourth period, is led by Drs. Alexandri Luthfi R.,M.S as the present Dean.

In its relatively young age, the spirit of Faculty of Recording Media Arts is to build an image and education management to fulfill the necessity of academic administration service, the facilities/building facility, lecture and practice rooms, practice equipment as the important support for learning-teaching activity, and of huge portion of student co-curricular activities, every aspect could be realized by arranging a-step-by-step education budgeting plan of Indonesia Institute of Arts Yogyakarta and through a competition grant program such as SP4.

Nowadays after 18 years, many kinds of facilities are provided, such as faculty building, Television Department building and Photography building completed with theoritical and practical lecture rooms, Television equipments, and Photography Department as well, gallery, academic administration computer system (SIMBOX), internet access hotspot, campus television, Journal (name: Rekam), Kamisinema (watching movies on Thursdays), a student magazine “Shooter”, and campus environment with a park facility; these have been realized because of the hard work and dedication of all academic components. Faculty of Recording Media Arts also builds an MOU with government institutions and private institutions as well, for instance SMK 48 Jakarta, SMK 1 Klaten, Riau Province Government Siak District, and Jogja Media Net Yogyakarta. Moreover, Faculty of Recording Media Arts becomes a destination for Internship program students, and also for foreign students through Darmasiswa Scholarship Program.

To build an academic quality and to create a standard learning-teaching process for students within 12 years, the recruitment for teaching staffs has been carried out especially from Faculty of Recording Media Arts alumnae who have good quality or those who come from private institutions with their competences, such as communication graduates, management, culture studies, and information technology . Hence, to fulfill the government regulation and higher education academic qualification, the teaching staffs in Faculty of Recording Media Arts have finished their master degrees and some of doctoral degrees. Since 2009, the faculty has a professor in Photography field.

Many kinds of programs such as seminars and workshops, students’ artworks exhibition/screening, field study, have been the routine agenda annually to support and increase the quality of academic and students activities . These programs are also aimed to opening art discourses in recording media arts , functioned as the leading force to broaden the work field vacancies and improve the appreciation of the society to the recording media arts artworks/creations.

The partnership program with some foreign partner universities in academic and student field has been implemented to enhance the academic visiting activities, such as arranging the exhibition and academic seminar of recording media arts. Faculty of Recording Media Arts Yogyakarta has already visited some foreign countries in order to implement the visiting programs granted by the Indonesian government, those countries such as Portugal, Egyp, Taiwan, Mahasarakham Thailand, Beijing China, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Through a long period of process for 18 years, the image of Faculty of Recording Media Arts, Indonesia Institute of Arts Yogyakarta is growing stronger as a faculty which has a commitment to the development of audio visual field-study. Faculty of Recording Media Arts is also doing some efforts to open the working field for society’s importance, such as offering the cooperation with some vocational high schools, television stations, production houses, photography studios and mass media. The image of the faculty is also shaped through some activities such as seminars/workshops, academic exhibitions/screenings, and achievements of lecturers and students who have been awarded as they won many competitions of recording media arts artworks (photography and video/film), and the alumnae who are in all over big cities in/outside countries as teaching staffs, professional artists, enterpreneurs, and those who continue their studies in many in/outside countries.