Study Program of Animation (D3/Vocational)

Animation diploma degree is a study program under Television Department, Faculty of Recording Media Arts, Indonesia Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta, which learns the principal and techniques in animation field. It is formed using the basic of animation discipline as the hibridity of visual art study field and recording media arts (film) which is developed based on the discipline of visual communication study field and computer. Animation study field in its development is involving many different kinds of study fields, which later on is named as multidiscipline result. In international term, animation is included in media art study category which is influenced by visual art because it uses many kinds of media, with a motion picture audiovisual as the final result .

Animation diploma degree at the Faculty of Recording Media Arts, Indonesia Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta, is established with the aspect of nation resources utilization : human, nature, culture, art, and worldwidely local character with Indonesian characteristic as the pioneer of higher education in animation field and realization of multidisciplines art education; and is being developed based on the skills and the competence of knowledge. Animation diploma degree brings the role as the creator of the outstanding diploma students who are innovative, and have the animation skill in accordance with Standar Kualifikasi Kompetensi Nasional Indonesia (SKKNI)- (Indonesia National Competence Qualification Standard).

Animation study program graduates profile is devided into two kinds of animation competences. They are film animation and game animation (interactive animation). Besides nurturing professional and outstanding graduates in their field, each field is devided according to the neccesity of animation working field, such as storyboard artist, keyframe animator, in-betweener animator, 2D artist, 3D artist, character designer, texture artist, game animation artist, game designer, game programmer, script writer, animation director, 2D & 3D animator and more. All those profession fields become the basics for every subject and curriculum applied in this study program. Thus, the study program will be able to well-combine each other and comprehensively support the expertise of this study program.

To be the center of excellence in animation program

• Providing an education system based on the skills and working field competences.
• Developing the excellence of technology innovation and art in animation field.
• Broadening the networking with institutions in/outside countries for the importance of education element, internship, or curriculum development.

To produce art diploma experts in the field of animation who have high competence in competitive atmosphere; high creativity, innovative, and responsive to society demand; and good enterpreneurship and professionalism in their field.

The development of animation study program today is required to have a good synergy between art developing or local culture which is able to be served or performed as a global artwork in international level and technology utilization. One way to implement the necessity in curriculum developing is through the innovation of technology utilization which is combined with the animation art development. The presence of virtual reality world or often called as the virtual world will also require animation artwork development which is able to interact virtually. Thus, the animation product users in the future will feel the same feeling exactly as a film character he/she is watching. This kind of idea, indeed, will be the basic reference for curriculum developing along with the animation industry development and the animation product users’ need.

Animation diploma study program actively enhances the cooperation with national and international animation working field, and animation education institutions in order to have a strong networking in animation networking. Hence, the animation diploma study program will always follow the development of sophisticated animation world which is aimed as the reference for the development of Animation diploma study program, Faculty of Recording Media Arts, Indonesia Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta.

The activities such as conferences, seminars, and exhibitions will be the foremost strengths for Animation study program to step foreward and follow the development of animation industry in Indonesia and entire world. Thus, the continuity of students’ entrance will be increasing in the next following years and will lead to a better development. Moreover, the development in the next 10 years in animation industry along with the profession will be the stronger force for every curriculum applied in Animation study program. A competence and curriculum evaluation processes will become one quality control for Animation graduates, besides the necessity from the stakeholders.

A conducive and comfortable academic atmosphere, supported by proper facilities, led by relevant and competent teaching staffs in animation major who have been the leading forces to support the learning-teaching process in Animation diploma degree.

Animation Program is located in the Faculty of Recording Media Arts building, consisting of 3 (three) floors, equiped by classrooms, multmedia computer studio, animation and rendering computer studio, editing video studio, sound recording & editing studio, character drawing & modelling studio, and animation product preview room. All of those facilities are provided to support a proper animation education process in the Faculty of Recording Media Arts.

Student Center Learning has been applied as the learning method in Animation Program, based on the students’ active responses. To support the achievement of a comprehensive understanding and an optimal expertise, the laboratory/studio are also provided. The learning process which is based on laboratory requires the students’ independent-self access in creating or solving problems individually or teamworks in the laboratory/studio provided. Those great things have only one goal which is to achieve an optimal result of every student. The lecturers play the role as the facilitators facilitated by two kinds of systems which are expected to bring the students closer in delivering their learning process, and to create a conducive and active learning atmosphere.

• Storyboard artist
• Keyframe animator
• In-betweener animator
• 2D & 3D animator
• 2D artist
• 3D artist
• Character designer
• Texture artist
• Game animation artist
• Game designer
• Game programmer
• Script writer for animation
• Script writer for game
• Animation director
• Game director
• Visual effect artist
• Motion graphic artist