Study Program of Television

Television Undergraduate Program is one part of the Faculty of Recording Media Arts, Indonesia Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta, which concentrates on learning the process and creating the audiovisual forms that have the concept of bringing up the national culture values. Graduates of Television Department are strongly having the abilities in theoritical study, creativity, and television management.

This department provides students with qualified faculty members, television production standard of facility and equipment to help them becoming creative conceptors.
The curriculum provides television production programs and setting which are provided very close to the actual television production and along with complementary theorities courses. The curriculum mainly consists of multiple workshop courses. For the undergraduate program students are required to acquire the basic rules of courses on television directing, editing, art directing, script writing, videography, sound, and other theories provided to complement the workshops.

Students take various courses on television production, learn in depth about directing, videography, editing, sound, etc in a comprehensive and detailed way. Theoretical and methodology courses are the important parts of the education as they help students to have an insight and critical thought for cultural and social issues.
Television Department has one excellent internship program which gives the chances to students to directly implement their abilities in their future field works in order to increase their creativity and experiences professionally in their expertises, and to strengthen the networking with the stakeholders.

The goal of the department is to nurture students becoming creative professionals with artistic sensibility as well as knowledge, skill, and experience which are interesting enough to stimulate intellectual curiosity. The graduates are projected to be professional leaders based on the knowledge, technology, and art, and are expected to be able to compete in their field work and able to perform their best competences in television field as the answer to the high competition in the future.

Television as the medium for education, service, and entertainment is directly connected into social life to the smallest institution, the family. Hence, qualified television programs are needed for society. Recently, the problems arise because of the booming of television programs which merely concentrate on its quantity, and pay less attention to the quality. This becomes a distinctive problem which has finally effected to the decreasing of television program quality. Television Department, Faculty of Recording

Media Arts, Indonesia Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta, as an education institution provides television field study with an art approach to take the responsibility for this situation.
The first step is to grow a creative and appreciative attitude, and provide a new discourse about conceptual, aesthetic audiovisual artworks, and have a deep meaning for society and all academicians of Indonesia Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta. The second step, the most important thing, is to create qualified scholars by developing a new curriculum based on Television Department competences approach referring to the Ministery of Education and Culture decision note number 045/U/2001 about the Core Curriculum for Higher Education. This new curriculum is the development of the previous curriculum (KBK 2000).


To become a study program which is able to produce professional graduates in television field based on the knowledge, technology, and art.

To produce creative, cultural insight, scientific, high moral standards graduates, and be responsible in creating, theoritical study, and art existence development.

To produce art undergraduate experts in the field of television having high competence in competitive atmosphere; high creativity, innovative, and responsive to society demand, and becoming good enterpreneurship and professionalism in their field.

The strategies to achieve the goal of television study program:
• Organizing the education in television field based on the knowledge, technology, and art;
• Implementing researches and service to wide society in television field;
• Directing the students’ concentration of their ablilities to study, and of creating the artwork in television field;
• Improving the education system quality, education implementation, and the quality of graduates;
• Creating the good cooperation with private institutions and government institutions which provide television field of interest.

A conducive academic atmosphere, comfortable with proper facilities, and relevant teaching staffs who are competent in television field and are supporting the upgrading of learning-teaching process in television department.

A standard video camera for broadcasting production studio in Betacam-SP & miniDV formats, S-VHS & Betacam-SP postproduction equipment, an-EDIUS-NX nonlinear postproduction equipment, television production lighting equipment, and sound designer standar equipment for broadcasting.

Campus TV is one of the excellences of the co-curricular activities for students as a practical medium for television broadcasting production.

The learning –teaching process is implemented into theoritical and practical classes simultaneously, and the methods are classical, practical, discussion, seminars, workshops, comparison study, orientation study, and internship program. These will support students’ abilities, expertise, creativity, and motivation in developing themselves supported by proper facilities.

• Television Researcher
• Television Program Critic
• Program Designer
• Producer
• Director, Program Director
• Script Writer
• Art Director
• Director of Photography/DOP
• Lighting Director
• Editor
• Sound Designer
• Wardrobe Designer
• Make-Up Designer
• Cameraman/Camera Person
• Sound Recordist
• Production House
• Visual audio production Instructor