Department of Karawitan

Karawitan (traditional music) Study Program represents a higher education of arts which functions as the center of information, research, preservation, and the development of Karawitan art.

Karawitan Study Program as the center of Javanese Music Studies and Creations which is outstanding and nationality-orientated for the enrichment of humanity values in line with the era development.

• Organizing qualified Karawitan higher education to put forward preservation, management, and development of art proficiency and local culture in order to gain the competition ability in global competition.
• Preparing graduates who have morality, independence, creativity, power, excellence, and entrepreneurship.
• Improving research and public service which support art education and improvement, knowledge, and technology.
• Improving continuous collaboration among institutions.

Preparing Karawitan graduates to gain the following competence:
• Able to create and express diverged ideas in reliable artistic creation.
• Able to study and analyze art and cultural phenomena.
• Able to present work of art creatively, innovatively, and professionally.
• Able to manage Javanese music activities and develop entrepreneurship.
• Able to develop Javanese art education

• Graduates having qualified and competitive power.
• Number of students are in congruence with the national education standard.
• Researchers (lecturers ) who are nationally and internationally qualified.
• Study program management which is based on the national education standard.
• All students are given scholarship.
• Academic atmosphere which is based on local culture

• Researchers
• Presenter/ Pengrawit
• Composer
• Critics
• Manager



Study program chairperson
Drs. Subuh, M.Hum.

Asep Saepudin, S.Sn., M.A.

Board of Lecturers
Drs. Trustho, M.Hum.,
Drs. Subuh, M.Hum.,
Drs. Kriswanto, M.Hum.,
Djoko Maduwiyata, S. Kar., M.Hum.,
Drs. Agus Suseno, M.Hum.,
Drs. Haryono, M.Hum.,
Marsudi, S.Kar., M.Hum.,
Ign. Sumiyoto, S.Kar., M.Hum.,
Drs. Siswadi, M.Sn.,
Drs. R. Bambang Sri Atmojo, M.Sn.,
Drs. Teguh, M.Sn.,
Dra. Tri Suhatmini R., M.Sn.,
Dra. Sutrisni, M.Sn.,
Rahardja, S.Sn., MM.,
Bayu Wijayanto, S.Sn., M.Sn.,
Drs. Sunyata, M.Sn.,
Suhardjono, S.Sn., M. Sn.,
Asep Saepudin, S. Sn., M.A.,
Dra. Agustina Ratri Probosini, M.Sn.,
I Ketut Ardana, S. Sn., M.Sn.,
Anon Suneko, S.Sn., M.Sn.

Religion | Pancasila Philosophy | Citizenship | Bahasa Indonesia | English I, II | Introduction to Culture | Philosophy | Research Methodology I & II |
Seminar I & II | Indonesian Performance Art | Art History I, II, & III | Karawitan Esthetics & Critics | Local Language I & II | Karawitan I , II, & III | Karawitan Culture I, II, & III | Organology Acoustics | Art Paper | Capital Selecta | Karawitan Yogya Dasar I, II, III | Karawitan Yogya Mahir I, II, and III | Basic Instrument Technique I, II, & III | Advance Instrument Technique I, II, & III | Titi Laras | Karawitan Vocal I, II, & III | Surakarta Karawitan I, II, & III | Karawitan Documentation Technique I, II, & III | Other Local Karawitan I, II (Sundanese, Balinese, East Javanese, Banyumasan) | Karawitan Composition I | Karawitan Iringan I, II | Karawitan Pakurmatan Yogyakarta dan Surakarta | Professional Work | Karawitan Product I, II | Sound Exploration | Karawitan Composition I, II, III | Pendalaman Garap Gending

Odd Semester
Basic Yogyakarta Karawitan I | Titi Laras I | Basic Instrument Technique I (Kendang, Gender, Rebab) | Other Local Karawitan II (Karawitan Bali, Karawitan Jawa Timur)
Even Semester
Basic Yogyakarta Karawitan II | Surakarta Karawitan I |
Basic Instrument Technique II | Other Local Karawitan I (Karawitan Sunda, Karawitan Banyumas)