Department of Arts Management

Arts Management Study Program is a D4 program implemented in 8 semesters and housed within the Faculty of Fine Arts, since 2014. This study program is the first in Indonesia for applied (D4) graduate. It concentrates in arts management of fine arts, performing arts, recording media arts, culture, and tourism.

Becoming a leading study program of Arts Management in Indonesia which prepares graduates retaining excellent expertise, professionalism, and meets the needs of infrastructure functions of art, culture, and tourism nationally and internationally. It has insightful nationality and actively enriches human values in accordance with the philosophy of Pancasila.

• Organizing educational process which puts human being as an active and empowered subject in the cultural management of plural and multicultural potential based on the local archipelago culture in order to become competitive in the global arena and the changing era.
• Prepare graduates who retain the attitude of integrity and responsibility, master the knowledge learned during the study, and be able to apply actively in the field of management practices of arts, performing arts, and culture and tourism independently, creatively and competitively.
• Train graduates in implementing knowledge into actions that can address problems and needs of infrastructure functions of art, culture, and tourism, both in national and international associations.
• Develop equal partnership, synergy, and mutualism between institutions, nationally and internationally, actively and sustainably.

D4 Study Program, Arts Management of ISI aims to produce graduates who are able to become arts manager and arts curator. The profile is described in more specific functions as follows:
Arts Curator
• Fine Arts
• Performing Arts
• Recording Media Arts
Arts and culture manager
• Leader of arts organization/institution, profit and nonprofit
• Artist manager, arts organization, or other equal profession
• Art dealer
• Event Organizer
• Marketing and promoting organizations of arts and culture
• Human resource management in arts and culture fields
Independent art project initiator
• Lobbies
• Entrepreneur in visual arts technology

• Management strategies which are systematic, creative, and focused on public interest.
• Coping changes, global environment dynamically, professionally, and visionally.
• Management and leadership fields which are based on Indonesian culture, nationalist, and entrepreneurship.Collaboration cross-cultures, inter-disciplinary, being thoughtful and understanding the social ecosystem, culture, politics, and creative industry along with all changes and development.3


It is expected that all graduates are competent in:
• Developing appreciation and interpretation of local culture and arts.
• Contributing to the development and implementation of culture and arts policy.
• Understanding the roles of marketing in arts organization to attract audience and donator from various resources.
• Managing qualified arts projects.
• Understanding national and international regulations in culture and arts.
• Showing understanding to financing and planning management
• Showing potency to improve and promote Indonesian arts and culture in international level.
• Implementing ethics, innovation, and effectiveness in arts and culture industry
• Communicating information promptly and effectively to various groups in various situations.
• Organizing and administering organization’s operations.
• Keeping the continuity of long-life learning in order to facilitating personal development and organizational changes.

A. Sudjud Dartanto, S.Sn., M.Hum.

Arinta Agustina, S.Sn., M.A.

Prominent Teachers
Prof. Dr. I Wayan Dana, SST., M.Hum.
A. Sudjud Dartanto, S.Sn., M.Hum.
Arinta Agustina, S.Sn., M.A.
Mikke Susanto., S.Sn., M.A.
M. Kholid Arif Rozaq, S.Hut., MM.
Yohana Ari Ratnaningtyas, SE., M.Si.
Trisna Pradita Putra, S.Sos., MM.
Non-prominent Teachers
Prof.Dr. AM Hermien Kusmayati, SST., M.Hum.
Dr. Suwarno Wisetrotomo, M.Hum.
Dr. Koes Yuliadi, M. Hum.
Dr. Kardi Laksono, M. Phil.
Dr. Munir, M.Phil.
Dr. Citra Aryandari, M.A.
Drs. Umar Hadi, M.Sn.
Drs. Hartoto Indra, M.Sn.
Nurhadi Siswanto, S.Fil., M.Fil.
Lutse Lambert Daniel Morin, S.Sn., M.Sn.
Hangga Hardika, S.Sn., M.Des.
Heningtyas Widowati, S.Pd.
Retno Purwandari, S.S., M.A.
Amir Hamzah, S.Sn., M.A.
Terra Bajraghosa, S.Sn., M.Sn
Agung Wicaksono, S.Sn., M.Sn
Petrus Gogor Bangsa, S.Sn., M.Sn.

Task Force Team
A. Sudjud Dartanto, S.Sn., M.Hum. (Ketua)
Arinta Agustina, S.Sn., M.A. (Sekretaris)
Prof. Dr. I Wayan Dana, SST., M.Hum.
Dr. Suastiwi Triadmojo., M.Des.
Drs. Umar Hadi, M.Sn.
Mikke Susanto., S.Sn., M.A.
M. Kholid Arif Rozaq, S.Hut., MM.
Yohana Ari Ratnaningtyas, SE., M.Si.

During the study in this study program, students are expected to have interconnected knowledge and skills. There are three general majors in the study program, namely:
• Attitude and responsibility
• Knowledge mastery
• Work field mastery
The three general majors are elaborated in the following courses:
I Religious Education | Philosophy of Pancasila |
Civil Education | Philosophy | Theories of Culture
| Bahasa Indonesia | Bahasa Inggris I | Bahasa
Inggris II
II Kapita Selekta | Esthetics | Semiotics | Arts and
Society | Psychology of Arts | Communication &
Presentation I | Communication & Presentation II |
HAKI | Research Methodology | Arts Critics
III Principles of Managements | Human Resource Management | Arts and Culture Organization |
Management | Movie Production Management (P) |
Visual Production Management (P) | Performing Arts
Production Management (P) | Arts Market and
Marketing | Entrepreneurships | Artistic
Management I | Artistic Management II | Visual
Thinking | History of Fine Arts | History of
Performing Arts Curatorial I | Curatorial II |
Curatorial of Visual Arts (P) | Curatorial of Performing
Arts (P) | Archives & Arts Documentation | Media
& Pop Culture I | Media & Pop Culture II |
Profesiional Orientation Study / SOP | Exhibition
Management I | Exhibition Management II |
Performing Arts Management I | Performing Arts
Management II | Fine Art Project (P) | Performing
Art Project (P) | Recording Media Art Project (P) |
Final Assignment: Arts Project and Report

• Arts Production Management
• Arts Curatorial
• Art Project