Department of Theatre

To be the superior center of theater study.

To execute theater art education which is creative, innovative, and prespective.
This study program intends to produce graduates who perform a high integrity and a noble personality that drawn from the nation’s culture values, and are competent in examining, creating, performing, and managing theatrical works of art contextually and professionally.

Department of Theater is a division of Performing Art Faculty, the oldest and influential art higher education in Indonesia that conducts education, researches, and public services in the field of drama art. It consists of two majors: Drama Study (Dramaturgy) and Creative Drama Art (Play Writing, Artistic, Directing, and Acting).

This department will graduate professionals who are creative and have critical and analytical thinking. A wide range of professions are available for them, such as: actor/actress, director, artistic director, script writer (stage drama/audio drama/movie scenario), dramaturg, acting teacher/trainer, drama producer, and performing art journalist for printed of electronic media.

Religion | Citizenship | Bahasa Indonesia | Philosophy of Pancasila | Bahasa Inggris | Introduction to Culture | Philosophy I-II | Research Methodology I-II | Seminar | Theater History I-II | Critics on Theater I | Theater Semiotics | Theatrical Dramaturgy I-II-III | Cultural Capital Selecta | Sociology of Theater | Anthropology of Theater | Management of Artistic I-II-III | Drama on Television I-II-III | Drama on Radio I-II | Techniques of Act I-II | Act I | Directing I | Writing Techniques of Drama I-II-III | Literature of Acts I-II | Creative Writing I-II | Final Assignment | Professional Orientation Study | Indonesian Performance of Arts I-II-III | Entrepreneurship I-II | Management of Theater I

There are 5 concentrations in Theater Department, namely:
• Dramaturgy Concentration
• Directing Concentration
• Artistic Management Concentration
• Script Writing Concentration
• Acting Concentration