Under Graduate Program

Application Procedures (for International Students)

Requirements for applying:

  1. Meet the academic requirement for enrolment in higher education.
  2. Accepted by the host institution.
  3. Financial support by the sponsor.
  4. Good command of health.
  5. Observance to local regulations.

Procedures to apply:

  1. Register online on http://pmb.isi.ac.id and fill the registration form
  2. Bring the requirements registration documents to ISI Yogyakarta office at Jl. Parangtritis Km. 6,5 Bantul, Yogyakarta
  3. Then apply for a visa Kunjungan Sosial Budaya from the Indonesian Embassy in the Indonesian Embassy in the applicant’s home country, where the visa will be granted directly by the Embassy.
  4. With the above documents, applicant is allowed to start his/her study ISI Yogyakarta, as a non-degree student.
  5. While studying, the student submits all the essential recommendation Directorate General of Higher Education office in Jakarta, with consent to Planning and International Cooperation Bureau of The Ministry of National Education.
  6. After staying in Indonesia up to four months, the student can apply for visa conversion into Kartu ljin Tinggal Sementara (KITAS)/Temporary Stay Permit Card.
  7. Procedure to apply for KITAS or any extension can be submitted to the local Immigration Office in Yogyakarta, without necessary approval from Provincial Office of The Ministry of Justice in Yogyakarta, or Directors General Immigration office in Jakarta.


Visa extension will be endorsed according to the length of study at ISI Yogyakarta, which is recommended by the rector. The exact cost of attending courses at ISI Yogyakarta will vary according to personal needs, but at the time of registration, overseas student must pay the tuition fee up to US$ *)800 for one semester. Applicants may take another procedure by applying for Dharmasiswa Scholarship, offered by the Indonesian Government for those who are interested in studying the Indonesian culture. Application form can be obtained from the Indonesian Embassy in the applicant’s home country. Recipient of the Dharmasiswa Scholarship will be facilitated to study in Indonesia for a year however applicants are advised to have additional financial sources prior to the admission.

For Sarjana Degree courses, applicants must have studied at ISI Yogyakarta for at least a year as non-degree student, and have a high level of achievement in specified subjects. Applicants must complete an application form in full, and sit for the entrance examination. It is only natural the applicants must have satisfactory Bahasa Indonesia proficiency level.

The academic year is based on two-semester system of Fall Semester from September to January (the following year) and Spring Semester from February to July. Commencement of studies normally takes place in Fall Semester, however, a mid-year intake is possible for non-degree students.

*) Note : the fees above were correct at the time of printing but it subjects to revision.