Department of Design

Department of Design, which offers a wide range of design programs to develop and produce the graduates who have outstanding skills in designs; to produce the creative, innovative, and entrepreneurship human resources with global quality.

It also has three study programs under the departments of design, namely study programs of interior design, visual communication design, and product design;
Study Program of Interior Design, which provides courses for students to accomplish the excellent understanding and skills in interior design by increase the students’ abilities in producing   the works of interior design and do qualified research in the field of interior design.
Study Program of Visual Communication Design, which provides courses for students who are able to find new idea and think paradigmatically in their creative process in producing their Visual Communication Design works. They are able to make the strategic plan in Visual Communication Design through various media to promote and communicate to plan a thorough campaign.
Study Program of Product Design, which provides courses for students who are able to think scientifically, critically, creatively, and innovatively, who do not only become problem solvers but also creators of needs, creating new products which then become the necessities of the society.