Department of Ethnomusicology

Ethnomusicology Department is a member of Faculty of Performing Arts which studies forms of performance arts and relates with the acquirement of design technique and ethnic musical documentation.

To become the centre of excellence on ethnic music education.

To execute education which has a certain quality in the field of examination and creation of ethnic music which is in harmony with the development spirit.

To yield graduates whose abilities are examination and creation of ethnic music. Courses of excellence in Ethnomusicology Department are studying various Indonesian ethnic music, from Sabang to Merauke in terms of practices, concepts, and cultures. There are also courses in Javanese music (Gamelan Yogyakarta, Gamelan Solo, Calung Banyumas, Gamelan Degung, and Kecapi Suling Sunda), Balinese Music (Gamelan Gong Gede, Gamelan Gong Kebyar, Gamelan Semar Pagulingan, and Rindik). From Sumatera, there are Ansambel Gondang Sabangunan Batak, Ansambel Talempong Duduak, Ansambel Talempong Pacik Minangkabau. Music from Sulawesi will teach about Ansambel Pakkacaping; whereas from Kalimantan there are Ansambel Sampek and Ansambel Kanong. Not to mention music and Ansambel Keroncong, Malayan Music, Ansambel Kulintang (Minahasa), Ansambel Patrol (Banyuwangi), East Java Gamelan, and Indonesia vocals which are not included in Karawitan Department, but they are studied in Ethnomusicology Department.

Two courses of competences are Ethnic Music Studies and Ethnic Music Creation.

Ethnic Music Study
Main Competence:
• Understanding the scientific bases and the artistic knowledge to support the students’ skills.
• Mastering the knowledge and the skills to play the ethnic music and capable of experiencing basic artistic values optimally.
• Capable of implementing the scientific bases of the ethnomusicology and of expressing it in a scientific writing.
• Performing noble personalities.

Supporting Competence:
• Possessing managerial competence.
• Capable of playing ethnic music instruments in a certain performance.

Ethnic Music Creation
Main Competence:
• Capable of composing and communicating an ethnic music and mastering its basic concepts.
• Capable of improving the ethnic music in terms of its concepts and techniques.
• Performing noble personalities.

Supporting Competence:
• Understanding cultural phenomena.
• Skillful and creative.
• Mastering the knowledge of composition.
• Appreciative towards music.
• Possessing a managerial competence.