Study Program of Product Design

Becoming a higher educational institution in the area of product design which is capable of graduating superior graduates and producing works with international standard.

• Organizing education in the area of product design which is in harmony with the development of technology and culture and preparing graduates in product design who are able to understand, analyze, and solve problems of product design systematically, contextually, and intelligently while applying art concepts into the work of product design.
• Developing Product Design Industry in the society through cooperation with various educational institutions, government, and industries domestically and internationally.

• Graduating graduates exhibiting professional morality attitude and high ethics as well as competitive will in producing works while improving the quality of the learning process.
• Graduating graduates orientating to the entrepreneurial spirit and business ethics of design industry in the various specializations.
• Graduating graduates exhibiting the ability and expertise in properly designing: transportation, furniture, maritime, modern craft, electronics, and fashion.
• Enhancing the ability of faculty members and students in producing works of product design and qualified research.
• Enhancing the role of the institution in the society in providing information and solutions to various problems in the area of product design .

Graduates of S1Product Design of Indonesian Arts Institution, Yogyakarta, are graduates having the ability to think scientifically, critically, creatively, and innovatively, who do not only become problem solvers but also creators of needs, creating new products which then become the necessities of the society.
The graduates of Product Design are able to work and have career in various companies as well as government and private institutions (national and multinational / foreign):
Professional Product Designer, a designer working in factory/manufactory, retaining the ability in the areas of material management, technique, and design production process, serving as model-makers and/or digital drawing and modelling maker.
Packaging Designer, a designer retaining the communication ability in visual forms and working to promote an industrial product in his/her packaging design.
Design Consultant, working as a industrial partner for the retaining analysis capability towards a product of certain local area. Becoming Researcher in the areas of product design, scientist of product design, and/or academician (lecturer, and consultant/trainer) in educational institutions (universities, schools, training houses, etc) and in various independent research institutions and company’s/industry’s research institutions.


In particular, the curriculum of Product Design is designed to meet the standards of industrial design, so the coverage of Product Design curriculum is a discipline which combines the aspects of art meet technology. It is to design an innovative concept into a product with the beauty of appropriate forms and can be mass produced to meet the need and want with the latest design.
Providing knowledge to the students to work and have a career in corporation/ industries of electronic products, household products and sanitary, toys and entertainment, medical equipment and educational products, manufacturing (factory, car workshops), military products, handicraft products/ craft industry, furniture products and outdoor equipment furniture, interior and exterior products, transportation product, automotive and car body, fashion products (bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories), telecommunication equipment products, trading products, corporate liaison among stores associating producers, consumers and suppliers (factories), design consultant, and the film industry, television, broadcasting, photography and video production.

Drs. Baskoro Suryo Banindro, M.Sn.
Dra. RAMM. Pandansari Kusumo, M.Sn.
Drs. Sumartono, M.A., Ph.D.
Rahmawan Dwi Prasetya., S.Sn., M.Si.
Endro Tri Susanto, S.Sn., M.Sn.
RA. Sekartaji Suminto, S.Sn. M. Sn.
Nor Jayadi, S.Sn., M.A.