Master Program


Academic Requirements
• Holding a Bachelor degree in arts or art-education. Candidates from non-arts department who have experiences in creating artworks and or studying arts are also welcome to apply.
• Holding an academic competencies and have created artworks, and is considered to be able to follow the master academic process with a minimum GPA of 2.75.

Administrative Requirements
-Submit a written application letter by filling in the admission form provided at the Graduate Program of ISI Yogyakarta at
-Submit the enclosures (2 copies) of the requirement in the application form as follow:
• Bachelor Degree (S1) diploma and legalized academic transcripts.
• Two copies of recommendation letters from a lecturer or professional who acknowledges the candidate’s academic abilities.
• Portfolios or video recordings in the form of CDs/DVDs of the artworks which have been shown at an exhibition /performance minimum 2 pieces in the last three years (required for applicants for the Arts Creation).
• Copied of research papers/scientific publications, 2 paperworks at the minimum for the last three years (required for applicants for the Arts Studies).
• A short description about the candidate interest to take the graduate program. The description should contain reasons and expectations also the project which the candidates would do after they graduate.
• Curriculum vitae
• Permit from the institution of the candidate
• Doctor’s certificate
• Receipts from the admission fee of 250,000.00 IDR paid via Rektor ISI Yogyakarta Acc. No.: 0030440945 BNI 46 Branch Yogyakarta, Jln. Parangtritis No. 120, Yogyakarta.

For foreign candidates, in addition to the requirements mentioned in no. 1 and 2, must:
• Submit a special permit from the Directorate General of the National Education Board of Indonesia.
• Submit a legal letter of bachelor degree leveling in Indonesia from the National Education Board of Indonesia.
• Fluent in Indonesian

Admission Procedure
• Paying the admission fee (via BNI 46) in order to get the admission form from the Education and Student Department Graduate Program of ISI Yogyakarta (plus shipping fee for those who wish the form to be posted).
• Submit a written Application Letter by filling in the form and sending it to the Director of the Graduate Program of ISI Yogyakarta. Enclose all the needed requirements, both academic and administrative requirements, and send them with the application letter.
• Register as a New Student by showing the Letter of Approval from the Director of the Graduate Program of ISI Yogyakarta.