Message from the Rector

Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta, known as ISI Yogyakarta, is as the oldest and biggest art institute in Indonesia which has
already been recognized by its outstanding graduates and alumni in arts and art education. It is well positioned to become
the pioneer of art education in Indonesia as well as for having the most unique and inspiring learning environment of arts
and art education.

Drawing from the amalgamation of the three academies (Visual Art Academy, Music Academy, and Dance Acaemy) in
1984, since then ISI Yogyakarta has experienced some eras of academic challenges and expectations of being recognized
and distinguished by both public and Indonesian government. Globally, through well-dedicated and talented lecturers and
students, ISI Yogyakarta has become the one which can be a model for art education.

ISI Yogyakarta is still doing more process and developing its academic and non-academic programs for having the
enchancement and good management as an art institute. With its Faculties, Departements, Study Programs, Graduate
School, Supporting Units, and Facilities, ISI Yogyakarta may expect and provide more in facilitating and guiding students
either from Indonesia or other countries to get good academic and art environment as their steps of the journey to achieve
the goals of education.

Together with ISI Yogyakarta officials, academic staffs, and all components of institute, we strongly support any programs
and partnerships as they may get involved in the process of educative engagement with others for getting the outstanding
outcomes and fruitful benefits.

I encourage you to discover more about Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta and its programs by exploring this catalogue,
and hope you will be able to consider Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta as one of the best which suits your interest and
top-quality of art education.

Prof. Dr. M. Agus Burhan, M.Hum.
Rector of Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta