Department of Music Performance

Music Performance Study Program (D4 Program), Performing Arts Faculty, Indonesian Arts Institute of Yogyakarta, becomes the Center of Excellence for the Music Performance in National and East Asian Levels in 2030.

• To develop a higher education in music performance field in an autonomous and credible organization so that it is able to participate in national development and is renowned globally.
• To implement a higher education for the music performance undergraduate study program, which corresponds to arts development, science, and technology which is environment-friendly and national-culture orientated.
• To carry out and develop researches in sub-fields of music which cover studies in music performance.
• To organize concerts, education, and counseling as a part of public services.
• To develop equal partnership network with domestic and foreign institutions actively and continually.

• To graduate music scholars who are competent in presenting music repertoire of different eras and styles with their own instrument specialization in the technique and interpretation based on grade basic 1 to advance 2.
• To graduate music scholars who are able to develop music performance along with skills and apply technology properly in their work.
• To graduate music scholars who are able to describe, analyze, and present sciences and music repertoire in the form of final papers/reports and spoken.
• To graduate music scholars who are able to show honesty, skillfulness, broad-mindedness, respectfulness, respect their own culture, and are motivated in doing community service.
• To graduate music scholars who are able to continue their music study to a higher education, both to graduate program or applied master.

• It is as a form of training in the technical aspect and practical method covering materials in notation, etudes, and repertoires. In this, students will join private and classical instruction classes with competent teachers. The courses are, among others: Instrument Practice, Recital, Ensemble/Class Band, Room Music Class, and interpretation.
• It is as a form of training in the aspect of music theories and analytical competence. Students will join Music Theories Class, Harmony Science, Music Analysis Science, Arrangement, Kontrapung, Music History, and Improvisation.
• In terms of musicianship, students will be trained on their sensitivity to identify tone, rhythme, accord/harmony, interval, and pitch.
• In the aspect of performance in groups, students will be trained intensively in classes such as: Ensemble, Band, Room Music, Performance Class, in which they will play music from various era and music styles in groups, both classical or pop-jazz.
• In terms of managing and writing scientific paper, students will study Music Performance Management, Research Methodology, and Music Performance Methodology.
• In terms of attitude formation, students will join attitude building classes such as: Religion, Philosophy of Pancasila, Philosophy of Arts, Civil Education, Theories of Culture, and others.
• In terms of community service, students in their final semester are obliged to take Profession Course where they should contribute their expertise in forms of knowledge and skills.


• Music performers or performance artists in music industry & music events such as music festival, professional orchestra performance, etc., as solo performance or in band format who play Pop-Jazz along with its sub-sub genres; as solo, duet, or trio performers in room music format, and solo in orchestra playing classical standard repertoires, pop repertoires, traditional repertoires, and other arranged repertoires.
• Principle/Orchestra Members
Our graduates have higher levels of skills in playing music instruments,are discipline in practising instrument skills and well-communicative in delivering music concepts.
A principle has the spirit of leadership. She or he works in an institution that provides orchestras, such as Orkes Simphony Jakarta, Jakarta Chamber Orchestra, Aula Simfoni Jakarta, Twillight Orchestra, Erwin Gutawa Orchestra, Orkes Magenta, Bandung Chamber Orchestra, Bandung Chorus Society, Ensembel Musik Bandung, Semarang Symphony Orchestra, Yogyakarta Chember Ensemble, Saunine String Orchestra, Surabaya Symphony Orchestra, Surabaya String Ensemble, Medan Simfony Orchestra, and Bali String Society. They may even collaborate in orchestras in ASEAN, such as in Malaysia National Symphony, Orkes Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangkok Symphony Orchestra, Vietnam Symphony Orchestra.
• Our graduates are music arrangers in the form of solo with accompaniment, ensamble, big music band, etc.
• Our graduates are resource persons and speakers in music performance wokshops, master classes, seminars, or music festivals.
• Our graduates are session players who master all genres of music or any other music styles, read musical scores well, adapt to all kinds of pop music genres well, work in different music projects on TV, jinggle creation, music demo, etc.

1st Semester
Religion | Philosophy Of Pancasila | Civics | Introduction To Arts | Acoustics And Organology | Music Theory I | History Of Classical Music | History Of Pop-Jazz Music | Basic Ensamble I | Basic Solfeggio | Basic Instrument Practice I

2nd Semester

Religion | Philosophy Of Pancasila | Civics | Introduction To Arts | Acoustics And Organology | Music Theory I | History Of Classical Music | History Of Pop-Jazz Music | Basic Ensamble I | Basic Solfeggio | Basic Instrument Practice I

3rd Semester

Piano Complementary | Javanese Karawitan | Classical Music Analysis | Pop-Jazz Music Analysis | Basic Harmony Science | Intermediate Ansambel I | Advanced Solfeggio | Intermediate Instrument Practice I
| Pop-Jazz Arrangement I | Prima Vista I (Classical) | Pop-Jazz Improvisation I (POP-JAZZ) | Room Music Class I (Classical)

4th Semester

Research Methodology | Repertoar Analysis I (P-J & Classical) | Intermediate Harmony Science | Kontrapung | Intermediate Ansamble II | Piano Complementary | Intermediate Instrument Practice II | Pop Jazz Arrangement II | Prima Vista II | Pop-Jazz Improvisation II | Room Music Class II (Classical)

5th Semester

Composition Methodology | Advanced Harmony Science | Advanced Ansamble I | Keroncong (POP-JAZZ) | Room Music Class III (Classical) | Advanced Instrument Practice I | Recital I | Jam Session I (POP-JAZZ) | Repertoar Review II (KLASIK) | Music Performance Methodology