Faculty of Performing Arts

Faculty of Performing Arts
• Department of Dance, which offers courses in dance performance and choreography, both modern and traditional.
• Department of Karawitan Music, which offers courses in Javanese, Sundanese, and Balinese music performance and composition.
• Department of Ethnomusicology, which offers courses in Indonesian ethnic music, from Sabang to Merauke in terms of practices, concepts, and cultures.
• Department of Theatre, which offers courses in Dramaturgy, Directing, Artistic Management, Script Writing, and Acting Concentration
• Department of Puppetry, which offers courses in Wayang Performance, Puppetry Education, Tradition Puppetry
• Study Program of Musical Arts, which offers courses an Academic Education of Musical Arts, as the sub branch of performing arts of undergraduate level, which is equal to the degree of Bachelor of Arts.
• Study Program of Music Composition, which offers courses in mastering a knowledge base and practical skills in new music composition.
• Study Program of Music Education, which offers courses in enhancing knowledge, experience, and musical skills relating to music education analysis and competence.
• Study Program of Music Performance (Vocational), which offers courses in mastering a knowledge base and practical skills in playing music instruments, in analyzing and interpreting classical, pop, and jazz music.
• Study Program of Sendratasik Education (Drama, Dance and Music) is opened to meet the needs of arts educators (in drama, dance and music) who are skillful, creative and righteous.