Research and Community Services

ISI Yogyakarta academic staffs are encouraged to engage in research and community service activities, within the framework of the Government Master plan. Research topics include the various aspects of the Indonesian arts, or inventory process of the artworks. Faculty and students are also involved in counseling the community to meet the need of skill improvements of some particular art-groups. These activities, worth millions of Rupiah yearly, are coordinated through the research and community service institutions. Meanwhile, collaborative programs have been successfully developed in organizing exhibitions, concerts, performances, workshops, and master classes conducted by visiting artists, or co-sponsoring lectures and research projects by visiting scholars under sponsorship of foreign cultural agencies, such as, Dutch Cultural Center ‘Erasmus Huis’, The Japan Foundation, Australian Cultural Counselor, The British Council, Goethe Institute, American Indonesian Exchange Foundation, Australian Embassy, Indian Embassy, Mexican Embassy, Austrian Embassy, Korean Embassy, and French Cultural Center. The collaborating overseas institutions are as follows:
• University of California Los Angeles, USA
• Miami Dade College, USA
• Esterhazy Karoly University of Apllied Sciences, Hungary
• Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand
• Osaka City University, Japan
• Korean National University of Arts, South Korea
• Tainan National University of Arts,Taiwan
• Taipei National University of Arts, Taiwan
• Silpakorn University, Thailand
• Hochscule Hannover University of Applied Sciences, Germany
• Ulm University of Applied Sciences, Germany
• La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy
• Amsterdam University, the Netherlands
• Univeristi Technology MARA, Malaysia
• John Abbot College, Canada
• The Superior Arts School of Pyrenees, France
• The University of Hawai at Manoa, USA
• Central Academy of Fine Arts, China