Talkshow of 2018 SNMPTN Socialization by Local Committee 46 in Jogja TV

Wednesday, 31st January, 2018, took place at Jogja TV Studio, Local Committee 46 Special Region of Yogyakarta held a Socialization of 2018 SNMPTN, by presenting speakers from UNY Vice Rector I Prof. Dr. Margana, M. Hum., MA. DAA; Director of UGM Academic Directorate, Dr. Agr. Sri Peni Wastutiningsih; UPN Vice Rector I Dr. Irhas Efendi, M.SI., Head of UIN Admission Dr. Ridwan, M. Hum., and ISI Yogyakarta Vice Rector I, Prof. Dr. I Wayan Dana, SST., M. Hum.

In the event, the speakers explained the background of the holding of SNMPTN, how to register and fill the School and Student Data Base (PDSS), the registration schedule by students, the announcement of the selection results, and explained the quota of each of the 5 State Universities in Yogyakarta, namely:

  • UNY, there are 56 S1 study programs and 11 D3 study programs offered, with a total quota of 4690 for S1 students and 580 for D3 students. Total quota for SNMPTN is 5270.
  • UGM, there are 67 study programs offered with a total capacity of 7099, quota of 2130 for SNMPTN, 2840 for SBMPTN, and 2130 for Independent Selection (Seleksi Mandiri)
  • UIN, out of 41 study programs, there are 17 study programs (10 science programs and 7 social studies) which offered with a total quota of 391 students.
  • UPN, there are 21 study programs offered with a total quota of 831 students (for SNMPTN).
  • ISI, out of 20 study programs, there are 11 study programs offered with a total quota of 30% (214) students

In addition, the specific requirements in SNMPTN acceptance are as follows:

  1. For Schools
  2. Schools whose students are entitled to participate in SNMPTN are:

SMA / SMK / MA or equivalent (including Indonesian Republic Schools abroad) that have NPSN and have filled the PDSS completely and correctly.

  1. For Registrant Students

SMA/SMK/MA students or equivalent (including Indonesian Republic Schools abroad) last class in 2018 that meets the requirements.

  1. Have superior achievement, the students should enter the best ranking in school, with the provisions based on school accreditation as follows:
  2. A accreditation, 50% best in school;
  3. B accreditation, 30% best in school;
  4. C accreditation, the best 10% in the school;
  5. Not accredited, the best 5% in school.

The ranking is carried out by the Central Committee based on PDSS data.

  1. Having NISN and registered with PDSS,
  2. Having the report cards of semester 1-5 (for SMA/SMK/ MA students or three years equivalent) or the repord cards of semester 1 to 7 (for four years SMK) that have been filled in PDSS.
  3. Meet other requirements determined by each National Universities (can be seen on the relevant National Universities’ websites).

To the public, especially prospective students who need further information can use official information services through the SNMPTN website at and and call-center 0804- 1-450-450. SBMPTN services can be accessed through and and call-center 0804-1-456-456.