Study Visit of SMAN 3 Pasuruan East Java

There were 280 students of SMAN 3 Pasuruan who conducted a study visit to ISI Yogyakarta on Thursday, January 18th, 2018, led by the Principal Drs. Gathot Suyono. They were accompanied by 18 School Councils and Supervising Teachers in the context of “Kegiatan Sinau Wisata” at ISI Yogyakarta. The delegation was received by the Head of Education and Cooperation Section Bambang Supinardi, S.IP. assisted by Tri Purnomo, S.Sn and Muh Heri Sutanto, S.Kom. as the speakers. There were many things which were presented in the event included how to register for new students, the Study Programs at ISI Yogyakarta, lecture activities, prospects after graduation and many more.