ISI Yogyakarta Has Three Accredited Art Journals

ISI Yogyakarta re-added the list of accredited journals. The Journal of Urban Society’s Arts (JUSA) as one of the journals published by ISI Yogyakarta managed to obtain the accreditation value “B” from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. The result of this accreditation is known from the letter of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education to the leaders of higher education on 19th December 2017, Number: 3572 / E5.2 / SE / 2017 concerning “Notification of the Results of Electronic Scientific Periodic Accreditation for the Second Period of 2017”.

In such a way, JUSA follows RESITAL and REKAM as an accredited Art Journal. Thus, ISI Yogyakarta has had three accredited art journals. Considering the accreditation results of the JUSA journal, it is expected to motivate other journal managers in ISI Yogyakarta. The following is an appendix about Periodical Accreditation Results of the Second Period of 2017.