Youth Music Camp 2016

Sunday, October 23, 2016, Concert Hall ISI Yogyakarta was selected as the show ability of Youth Music Camp 2016. A total of 40 young people from Yogyakarta elected to participants Youth Music Camp 2016. Through a rigorous selection by certain criteria will have two participants will be sent following the brief musical education in Australia, as presented by the Governor of D.I. Yogyakarta Sri Sultan HB X in his speech.

Of the 40 participants, 18 of them are from ISI Yogyakarta, 15 from SMM, 3 from UNY, 3 from SMP Budi Mulia, and from SMA DeBrito 1 participants. For the instructors were from MSO (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra): Steve Reeves, Michelle Woods, Gabrielle Halloran, Sarah Curro, Monica Curro, and 5 people from Yogyakarta: Budi Ngurah, Dawn Ghanif, Elegant Shinta, Agustianto, and Agung Prasetyo.

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